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The article deals with phraseological units which are based on some stylistic devices including metaphors. The article discusses the main characteristic features of metaphorical expressions in the Uzbek language. Different groups of metaphorical phraseological units’ classifications in the Uzbek language are made according to their grammatical forms, lexical and semantic features. The differences between metaphorical and simile- based idioms are also discussed. Metaphor is widely discussed theme in modern linguistics at present time, it has wide functions as a stylistic device in the speeches of people. Transference is a key pushing mechanism in forming metaphorical idioms. Transference can be conducted due to the similarity in action or feature of the object. Metaphorical expressions are formed due to complete re-forming or part re-forming as well. These essential issues are discussed in the article and some samples of discussed matters are also presented in the work.

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10. 36078/987654420


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