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This article is devoted to the advantage of applying the technology of integrated modular training in English classes, since the development and modernization of higher education in modern conditions has made it the goal of comprehensive formation of professional competence for a future teacher. New priorities in education are prompting teachers to search for new modern effective teaching technologies that enable achieving higher learning and upbringing results, introducing new educational technologies in the educational process.
The best practices of the teachers of many educational institutions confirm their desire for an active search and use of pedagogical technologies in working with students. Modern advanced pedagogical technologies include modular learning technology. Modular training is a way of organizing the educational process based on the block-modular presentation of educational information. Modular learning is becoming more and more popular in modern learning, as it uses elements in the context of pedagogy of cooperation, humanizes the learning process and saves time. It seems to us that the organization of training in vocabulary through the module as a unit of educational material will be an additional factor in optimizing the learning process. The technology of modular learning is characterized by the advanced study of theoretical material, enlarged block modules, the algorithmization of educational activities, the completeness and consistency of cognitive cycles and other cycles of activity, level-by-level individualization of educational activities and the creation of a situation of choice for a teacher and students. Based on the results of the study, recommendations were developed for teachers and students on the development of linguistic competence, in particular, on the development of competence to study a foreign language correctly, which is of primary importance for future teachers.

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