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The article deals with the problem of the increasing emphasis on the genre of tales, a deeper analysis of reality, a look at the deep and dark pits of the human soul, and the essence of life. When we research the nature of the genre of tales, we can observe the versatility of images, the intensity of conflict, the depth of psychological analysis, the diversity of artistic and visual means, and the diversity of themes. Studying the development of the genre of the story, the stages of development further strengthens the view of the genre.
Allah, possessor of the Exalted in Power, revealed in the Divine Book the knowledge of the universe to men. The scholars and scientists of the world are still astounded with the miracles of the Holy Word. The message of the creation of man is found in the holy verses of the Koran in a form of a compact narrative. It clearly shows human's inner and outer character. The secret of the place and time contains the underlying hint at centuries old mysteries. The criterion of time, which does not exist in the present, was also first shown on the pages of the Holy Book. The birth of the Prophets, the Divine Gospel has been synthesized in chronotopes, such as heaven, ocean, mountains, and earth. During their journeys, they show the character of the Prophecy and the Prophets, their intelligence and power. The story focuses on the origins and the core of such sciences as religion, history, philosophy, psychology, medicine, geography, logic, and art. In the Koran, the word narrative is used in Surahs, and presupposes the interpretation of events at a global scale, at a human level, from the celestial depth to the earthly layer, from the first Adam to the last messenger Muhammad. A particular attention is paid to the significance of narratives and tales in folklore and classical literature.

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