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The article deals with the use of myth poetics in Ch. Aitmatov's works. The author analyzes principles of the writer's use of elements of myth poetics, which perform certain artistic functions in the works. The problem of the artistic functions of myth in fiction has been the subject of discussions that continue till our days. Reviewers, literary critics emphasize the problem of myth poetics, its functional significance and transformation of myth in modern fiction. Specifically, mythology contains in itself the germs of art, religion, and science is still undeveloped form and unity. It is difficult to overestimate the importance of mythology in the development of various arts, in the formation of artistic and imaginative thought, and primarily in the development of fiction. Certainly, when considering the modern literary process, we can talk about a paradox, but if we make an excursus, we can see that the origins of fiction go back to the myth. The myth, without any doubt, had been the cradle and school of the poetic imagination. It should also be noted that the essence of mythologism of the twentieth century can not be understood without understanding the specifics of the true mythology, primitive, ancient and modern, without raising the question of their relationship to each other. The remifologization of myths in Western European literature, the active use of poetics of myth in the literatures of Central Asia make the problem of "myth-literature" extremely relevant. One of the modern representatives who drew great attention to myths is Ch. Aitmatov.
It should be also noted that the analysis of Ch.Aitmatov's works, in which the poetics of mythologization plays an exceptional role, and the works played a leading role in the formation of this tradition in the literatures of Central Asia is essential