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The aim of the paper is to analyze the study of the spread of the English language as global language, its place in communicative relations in various socio-economic spheres, sociolinguistic and pragmatic status of English. The article addresses the study of sociolinguistic and pragmatic features of internationalization of the English language. Various interpretations are expressed in the scientific schools of world linguistics about the social role of the English language, which managed to get the status of an international language, but in these interpretations they remain spiritualized, being reflected in the philosophical ideas and points of view of different authors. However, the distinctive aspects of the social status of a language on the territories of different countries and their linguistic indicators are overlooked. It becomes more difficult to comment on the factors that ensure the interrelation of the language, as a phenomenon developing in an objective way and under the control of synergetic patterns, with thinking. Scientific research on sociolinguistic and pragmatic aspects of the English language is being elaborated in the leading scientific centers and higher educational institutions of the world, including: Cambridge University (England); Oxford University (England); University of Illinois (USA), Free University of Berlin (Germany); University of Warsaw (Poland), Aoyama Gakuin University (Japan), Moscow State University (Russia), Linguistic Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Russia).