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In the works of fiction, the writer creates an artistic world that can happen in life, and shows life and imaginary events in our eyes as if they are true, real, had happened. Sometimes this literary phenomenon requires such an artistic composition that it breaks the boundaries of reality. In the following years, as in all types and genres literature, specific changes, evolutions are taking place in the world of fantasy works, themes, poetics, style, and images.
In the works of Ray Bradbury and Hojiakbar Shaikhov, a number of features such as myth, the stream of consciousness, the image of the human's inner world, the existential interpretation, the inner monologue, the chronotope ANNOTATIONion, the dream, the speech of the hero, the portrait and landscape image, the desire to be engaged in a dialogue with the reader can be noticed. In the article, these literary and aesthetic problems are analyzed on the example of the works of American writer Ray Bradberi “451 degree on Fahrenheit”, “The ice and fire”, “Wine from the flower of the Cuckoo” and the stories of one of the founders of Uzbek fiction Hojiakbar Shaikhov “Adjoined worlds”, “The wonderer of the two worlds” “Unknown people”, “Man from the fire” and other fantastic novels, and stories. It is worth noting that the speech of the character of the work is aimed at opening the psychology of the character, in which both the owner of the speech and the speech itself are directed, and that Ray Bradberi and Hojiakbar Shaikhov often try to open the psychological state of their heroes through their speech.

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