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Topicality of the research is justified with followings: the periphrasis as a stylistic device was studied by many scholars, however, expressing the names of the famous people in periphrasis of two different languages has not been studied yet. Aim and tasks of the research are to study the etymological derivations of the periphrasis units of the names of famous people from different sources and analyzing and estimating linguocultural attributes of the collected examples and to find their similar and distinctive features in the correlation of two languages. Tasks of the following article are: the classification of the names of English and Uzbek famous people expressed in periphrasis; linguocultural peculiarities of the periphrasis units of the names of famous people of different cultures. Object and subject of the research are periphrasis units of the names of famous people in English and Uzbek languages, to determine linguocultural peculiarities of the English and Uzbek famous people in periphrasis.
The theoretical significance of the research is connected with the fact that for the first time the author tries to investigate linguocultural properties of the English and Uzbek famous people’s names in periphrasis.
The practical significance of the article is in theoretical assumptions of periphrasis units in both languages, examples reflecting the linguocultural peculiarities of the English and Uzbek periphrasis units can be applied as practical examples at lectures on Cultural Linguistics and Lexicology. The procedure of the analysis of the practical material can be applied writing other articles in Cultural Linguistics.

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