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This article explores the language picture of the World and its varieties, the role of children's world picture and the features of its study. Also,special attention is paid to the Turkic children's worldview of the 11th century, set forth in the famous "Divan" by Mahmoud Kashgary. Some comments are given to the analysis of the concept of "children's world picture ".The study of the language concepts of the world, which we have analyzed in the book “Devanu lugat-it Turk” (DLT), which covers LPW in every aspect of the social life of the Turkic peoples in the 11th century, is also important. Different stages of children’s life can be birth, growth, speech, cradle life, walking; mother and child, father and child, children and adults, children's games and many words on toys, toys and fairy tales, child rearing, methods and tools. According to Turkish researchers Zekerya Batur (Batur Zekerya) and Merve Beshtash (Beştaş Merve) 145 words out of 8000 in “Devan” illustrate children’s world, their growth, education process and teaching.

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