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On The Na’t Ghazals Of Abdurahman Jami And Alisher Navai


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The article deals with a comparative study of na’t ghazals of the great figures of the Persian and Turkic poetry - Abdurahman Jami and Alisher Navois’ Devans. The ghasals play an important role for the evaluation of the XV century’s religious-philosophical and artistic thinking. In Alisher Navoi's ‘Khazoyin ul-maoni’, which consiste of four devan and n’at ghazals of A. Jami’s three devans the subject-matters about Muhammad (s.a.v)’s lifestyle , khadises, miracles sent to him and his role in the life of a human being have been stated. Author analyzes the na’ts by both poets’ ghazals, in particular the subject of the artistic knowledge of several images and concepts: Mecca, Batho, Ka'ba, Medina, Yasrib, Zamzam, Prophethood, Adam, Khatam al-Anbiya, Hadis and others. According to the placement of na’t ghazals of A. Navai’s devan, the author emphasizes that they have a stable arrangement in the composition of devons, unlike of A. Jami’s ghazals, which is linked with ‘Shawahid un- Nubuwat’, the lifestyle of the Prophet Muhammad.