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Khamza was one of the active organizers of the methods of Jadid schools. As a playwriter Khamza wrote “Zaharli hayot yohud ishq qurbonlari”(1916), “Tuhmatchilar jazosi” (1919), “Burungi qozilar yoki Maysaraning ishi” (1926), “Paranji sirlaridan bir lavha yoki Yallachilar ishi” (1927). He was interested in the world literature and mass media. He read Russian, Tatar, Azar­baijon, Turkish and Arabic literature. He was interested in education of those countries. Lyrical heritage of Khamza Hakimzade Niyazi consists of Divan of a poet (“Divani Nihani”), collection “National poems for national songs” and “Documents of Khamza’s archive”, saved in the State literature museum of the Acamedy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan named after Alisher Navoi.
The article deals with the textual research of the works of the poet and educator Khamza Hakimzada Niyazi on the basis of primary sources.

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