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Currently, the main goal of the participants of educational institutions is the formation of a fully developed, healthy personality. One of the effective ways to achieve this goal is to ensure the quality of education, ensuring the effectiveness, transparency and efficiency of the educational process, as the main factor determining the future of each person and the country as a whole. It is established that the guarantee of the quality of education largely depends on the participants of the educational process of the training and student, as well as the creation of a health-saving learning environment with the maximum exclusion of factors that adversely affect the health, performance and life expectancy of persons involved in the process of training and education. To a large extent, the quality of education is promoted by the health-preserving competence of the trainees,who are called to formulate the attitude to health as the greatest life value for the trainees, to develop a philosophy of health for each student, as well as to cultivate the need to lead a healthy life-style at all stages of the training system and in everyday life.

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