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The problems of young people attract the scholars of different spheres, and literature inparticular. Young people were depicted under the influence of psychological, social and economic situations. The 20th century literature pays more attention to the psychological aspects of young people’s development. In previous studies on young adults’ literature, different social aspects have been found to be related to the development of young people’s psyche. However, not enough attention has been paid to an individual as the part of the whole social strata. Early example sof research into young adults’ literature include Ya. N. Zasurskiy, A.S. Mulyarchik, T.Morozova.Only in the past 50 years of studies literature directly addressed the problem, on how anindividual represents the whole society. The article investigates some essential youth problems at the turn of 20-21st centuries reflected in contemporary American literature. The article highlights some important research issues conducted in this fieldas well as the literary works which need to be studied. The issues like teenagers’ behavior at school, their relationships inside their families,community impact on teenagers’ world visionare reflected. In addition, the impacts of socially abandoned people, who united into groups and developed a subculture, on young people’s livesare shown.

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