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This article provides an overview of the current state of journalist training in Uzbekistan and experiences gained in this regard. With the advancement of information technologies, changes in national journalism education, analysis of the requirements for the development of the industry and the educational system will be undertaken in the article. The concept of media convergence, the attempt to explain through the scientific and theoretical perspectives of increasing the importance of this phenomenon in journalistic practice and education will be covered. The development of Internet journalism also shapes new types of activities in the field of information, including blogging, citizen journalism, freelance journalism, as well as the emergence of online journalism, and, finally, the need for journalists and PR men who would work in these industries. It is also emphasized that interactive journalism is developing in the Internet, with a wider range of possibilities, the popularity of mobile communication and the development of social networks, increasing the role of the population in the dissemination of information – and the need for updating the education. Internet journalists graduated from specialized faculties need more knowledge and experience than the population, and they should meet the needs of the population in the global media and traditional media outlets fast and qualitatively. In this regard, the article highlights the importance to further improve the national educational system, by providing examples of international experiences and models of qualified journalist cadres who meet the information age requirements. The author offers recommendations on the use of information technology in modern journalism and the formation of professional skills in digital media and Internet journalism in students. Methods and tools for introducing information communication and Internet technologies into educational models and lesson processes should be directly linked to modern requirements, and the importance of journalistic education worldwide is rapidly changing.