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Interaction Of Religious And Educational Directions


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The article deals with the education of young people, the conditions created for their improvement, the importance of the role of the family, parents and society in the education of the young generation. It reveals the important problems of brining up children, the conditions for the formation of the personality, the role of the educational environment. It studies the system of education and training of the young generation, as well as parents, the activities of the institute of makhalla in the national education al system. It provides guidance, advice and recommendations on parenting issues. The article covers the essence of the concept of freedom of religion and belief, the law “On freedom of religion and religious organizations”, as well as the special role of young people in society, the relationship between religion and belief, and various religions. It reveals the need to increase the responsibility of parents for brining up children, increasing the responsibility of makhalla committees in improving their knowledge, skills and abilities in matters of birth and upbringing of children, as well as cooperation “Family – makhalla is an educational institution”. The article reveals the relationship of parents and children on the basis of national and universal values. It shows the role of education and upbringing in increasing the socio-political activity of women, as well as the huge contribution of women of our country to the spiritual and moral development of society, the well-being of our children. The article reveals the essence and significance of reforms in public education, decrees, resolutions, as well as other problems in this system and specific plans and prospects for its development. It deals with the system of effective measures for spiritual education, emphasizes the importance of further strengthening the cooperation between higher education institutions and general education schools.