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The study focuses on the investigation of the impact of gender on translation of literary texts. To be more specific, the article is aimed to explore the distinctive features of translated work by male and female translators. Previous researches and studies in this area of investigation have been gathered and analyzed. The aim of the following paper is to identify gender-specific language and the influence of the translator’s gender identity on the translation result, at the morphological, lexical and syntactic levels, on the basis of a comparative analysis of the original and translated texts. Studies of gender differences on the material of the literary texts allows to consider the implementation of gender as a parameter reflecting the gender identity of the author, and affecting the pragmatic potential of translation the work into target languages. The choice of fiction as a research material is not accidental. Since, gender factor in literary translation may act as a structure-forming element of the text, affecting the embodiment of the artistic images and the plot lines.

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