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The article explores autobiography as one of the genre features of the coming-of-age novels in the context of Charles Dickens’ legacy. Dickens’ realistic novels appeared as a result of his own life experience; the writer wanted to bring and share his views, ideas, life lessons with the readers and teach them to what he considered the correct moral behavior. Episodes of the author’s life, as if scattered through all his novels about a young man such as “Nicholas Nickleby”, “Martin Chuzzlewit”, “David Copperfield” and “The Great Expectations”. Autobiographical genre features are revealed in the coming-of-age novels in two ways– through a full depiction of the whole life stages or, alternately, with the help of the episodic retrospective description of life experience. In both cases the author draws up a rational balance of biographical facts, social and historical background of the era combined with artistic fictional reality.

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