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Today, tourism in Uzbekistan is developing dramatically, in particular, gastronomic tourism. Improving the quality of service in gastronomic tourism is largely dependent on the adequate translation of the range of food products, as well as on the language requirements for texts in English in restaurants and places of public catering. The study of the methodology of translating nominees of national cuisine is one of the topical issues of modern translation studies.
The research of derivation and translation problems of food nominees is one of the aspects of gluttony discourse. This article analyzes the stylistics of the Uzbek, British and American food nominees. Motivation and ethymology of the Uzbek national food nominees were compared with food nominees of English national cuisine. Given examples are based on transformational methods, in translation of the Uzbek national food nominees into English. Developed a number of recom-mendations, on the method of translating Uzbek national food nominees into English.

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