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Scientific correspondence in archives is an integral part of Russian Oriental studies. The names of Russian scientists complement each other with unique information about the study of the Uzbek classical literature, the creation of works, the scientific and literary environment of this period as an integral part of their scientific activities. Through epistolary sources one canget an idea about the exchange of opinions, reviews, criticism, literary and aesthetic views. In this regard, the scientific dialogue between A. Samoylovich, V. Barthold, I. Yu. Krachkovsky, V. Gordlevsky, N. Ostroumov, A. Semenov and other scientists are noteworthy. Considering that this aspect of the matter has not yet been studied in the Uzbek literature, the study of epistolary sources enriches the history of science with new facts and reveals more information the scientific biography of scientists. The article discusses the scientific correspondence of Academician A.N. Samoylovich in archives.

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