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The article deals with the comparison of attributive relations in the Russian and Uzbek languages. The characteristic features of the grammatical way of interpreting determinative relations in the compared languages and their use by pupils in their speech are analyzed. It is indicative that for the correct use of definitive relations in speech and in the formation of sociolinguistic competence, the deepening of the motivation to learn Russian and its constructions is facilitated by textual regional material of national importance, and considered not only as a unit of education, but also as the main way of organizing educational material lesson. Reliance on the use of motivational capabilities of regional texts provides the development of primarily communicative, valuable and personally important for the students types of work on texts that positively affect the improvement of skills of independent work, and most importantly – fostering and deepening the feeling of love for the motherland. On the basis of the comparison, it was revealed and substantiated that in the formation of sociolinguistic competence, a deeper amount of training, creative exercises, as well as regional textual material that uses attribute constructions contribute to the deepening of the study of the Russian language.

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