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An Anthropocentric Metaphor In The System Of A Linguistic World Picture


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The article describes the existence of a particular person in any language, defines the national-ethnic characteristics of a person’s perception. Consequently, the language scene in the universe must be understood and accepted not as a photograph, but as a drawing. Thus, an objective view of the universe is estimated according to the law of relativity. The concept of the national type, its concept, its knowledge, its status, character, purpose and position. The various paradigms, trends, directions, and flow are growing in the social and human sciences, especially in linguistics. This is determined by the accelerating pace of globalization in social life, the strengthening of interdisciplinary integration and the steady growth of scientific and technical ties related to the rational development of information and communication technologies. The cognitive approach is the result of such integration processes, and given the metaphorical ability of a person to be associated with the development of common sense of the senses, the intellectual potential of the senses is dominant. Intellectual abilities allow others to understand, see, analyze and evaluate differences.