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The article is aimed to consider the title as the main concept of a literary text. The topicality of this work is that the title is an integral part of any work of art and the identification of its conceptual essence is very important, because with the help of the title readers can see the main problem, the idea of the work. In the work comparative, systemic and deconstructive methods are used. For revealing a conceptual essence of the title, a cognitive map is used. This map consists of several stages. Each stage is aimed at identifying new meanings of the concept. As a key proof, the auther chose the title of U. Saroyan’s story "Laughter". With the help of this analysis, she found that the contextual meanings of the title are directly opposite to its dictionary meanings. In spite of the fact, that the concept has only positive fixed meanings in the dictionaries but the interaction of the title with actions in the content, gets rather negative emotional meanings.

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