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Poetics Of The Image Of Babur In The Story “Andizhan Prince”


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This article considers the skill of the writer, literary fiction and expressive means of the adventure novel "Babur the Tiger" by F.Vertel, who managed to a great respect to Babur and learned his heritage so thoroughly, analyzing that the writer used literary fictions widely with historical sources.Great historical people who lived in the past and literary research of their life and creation is requirement of historical progress. Babur international fund is one of the academic expeditions organized in foreign countries, so one vital source has been set up in Germany. This book "Babur the Tiger" was written and published by Australian writer F. Vertel called an adventure story. This work has been translated into Uzbek by Yanglish Egamov. Through this book our people, especially the young get an imagination and concepts boosting about Babur personality and his popularity is famous across the whole world. In the work there is a social-political situation, valley atmosphere, population, their professions are paid much attention in Temur's period in Fergana valley. The writer showed a great respect to Babur in this book. While we read about the events in the story we witness that the author of the work learned Babur's life and his heritage so thoroughly. In this work Babur's youth, the period of his ruling are described.