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The article considers one of the most important issues of modern foreign languages teaching: the innovative methods of developing language learners’ skills in a target language deeply and systematically. Today specialists of foreign languages, namely teachers are demanded to develop learners’ language skills and competences according to the measures and tasks of the study programs using innovative methods. The theoretical basis and practical results of applying social networking services and messengers as modern means of information and communication technologies and the effective usage of foreign language study materials in teaching the English language to learners in the example of B1 levelled ones on the online platform (using Telegram messenger) are analysed in the article. To illustrate the practical results of our research, we have showed the gradual steps which were used to develop the learners’ main four skills, such as listening, reading, speaking and writing ones with the help of the effective functions of the above-mentioned means in the virtual environment during our research. Besides that, we have highlighted the methods of assessing learners online in the virtual environment in this article.

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