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On The Problem Of Forming The Pedagogical Skills Through Video Contents


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The article deals with pedagogical skills in the process of teaching a foreign language through video content. The use of information technology in the training of future foreign language teachers, as well as the use of various visual TCO in the classroom. Development of a model dedicated to pedagogical skills, theater pedagogy and video content technology. In developing the research model, the author of the article relies on the theory of the “dialogue of cultures” and the semiotic concepts of M.M. Bakhtin and V.S. Bibler. The author chooses third-year students of linguistic universities as an object of study, explaining this with 5 reasons. Firstly, third-year students by this time would have mastered all the psychological and pedagogical disciplines, secondly, they know the methods of teaching German, thirdly, they are fluent in German, fourthly, they would have mastered the courses of computer science, and fifthly, they have the ability of working in a team, which is the basis for the development of pedagogical skills. According to the author, the use of various language games in teaching foreign languages plays an important role in developing the future teachers' ability to communicate. It is emphasized in the article that the use of video contents (including theatrical performances, screen versions of literary works, etc.) in the process of learning a foreign language plays an important role in the development of the pedagogical skills of future teachers of foreign languages. The article also discusses the development of speech activity through video content, the implementation of the functions of video content.