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Musical Education Skills: Problems And Solutions


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The article discusses the professional skills of a teacher in the field of music education, its formation and improvement, his/her spiritual outlook, processes directly related to the level of culture, problems and solutions in these processes. Continuing music education, namely children's music and art schools, music and art lyceums and colleges, and then continuing education at higher educational institutions, are an important factor for obtaining excellent musicians and singers. Music is an important part of the spiritual culture of mankind. The process of music education contributes to creativity, creating opportunities for young talents to show their work. The participation of students faresees the work with other in the process of creativity. Students' activity is an important prerequisite for the development of creativity, and a creative approach to each of them is an important issue for the further development of musical abilities and students' performance. At all stages of the educational system, specific goals and objectives are manifested in the performance of young singers and musicians. Universal classifications of music pedagogy are studied.