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A Comparative Analysis Of Phraseological Units In “Baburname” And Their Different English Translations


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It is also relevant to study and translate our ancestors’ heritage nowadays. The classical work “Baburname” was translated into English for several times, and it has undergone the history of translation. “Baburname” was translated and published by European orientalist scholars John Leyden and William Erskine (1826), Anette Susannah Beveridge (1921) and Wheeler Thackston (1996). Nowadays, these three types of translations are researched in comparative literature, comparative linguistic and translation studies. It's noteworthy that “Baburname” comprises more than ten disciplines related to linguistic and translational texts. In this article a conceptual analysis of religious terms to go to the God’s Mercy, to accomplish the God’s judgement and phraseological unit to say boo to a goose are studied. The comparative analysis of phraseological units, their differences and similarities in translation are revealed.