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Emergence Of “Development Speak” And Its Translation Challenges


The article reviews development stages of international organizations and factors, which contributed to their establishment. It briefs on emergence of the UN and the Bretton-Woods institutions. The planning, discussion and implementation of development interventions was carried out exclusively in the English language. Since origination of the Northern development discourse some 70 years ago, a specialized variant of English, the socalled "Developmentspeak"[8], has become widespread in literature and practice. Currently, it is used to implement most development programs. The article also notes characteristics of "Developmentspeak". Namely, it is overloaded with terms and jargonized. In addition, "Developmentspeak" expressions mean different things to different stakeholders., which does not contribute to their correct understanding as well of note, these terms remain unchanged in English, while in other languages they are translated differently, sometimes with full or partial loss of meaning, which does not contribute to their correct and uniform understanding as well. The article gives examples of "Developmentspeak" terms and expressions and their correct and incorrect translation into Russian