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Reality And Artistry In The Stories


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Each social period finds its overall presentation in fiction. This task is performed by a new generation of creators who enter the world of literature. The reflection of a period in fiction is never as obvious as a mirror. Literature has its own language and its own unique capabilities, based on the potential of this language and the artistic reflection of the epoch being created. Creativity of the talented writers is of importance, in this regard. It should be noted that the works of our writers, continuing this, have their own specific tendency style. Although a number of works appeared in the Uzbek literature in the 1970s and early 1980s they were based on social events, they reflected the time in their artistic presentation. The end of the XX century is marked by appearance the wide range of the writers who have their own voice and style. Togay Murat is a representative of this community. The writer conveys his feelings to the hearts of the readers, to the souls of his contemporaries. The article analyzes the author’s style in the stories “Yulduzlar mangu yonadi” and “Momo yer kushigi”