Philology Matters

Aims & Scope

Aims & Scope

The mission of the scientific journal “Philology Matters" is to discuss the results of scientific research, topical philological problems of an interdisciplinary nature, revealing the interaction of language, culture, cognition and communication and pedagogical linguistics in Uzbekistan and abroad.

The purpose of the journal is to provide an opportunity for the scientific community to publish the original results of their research, to draw attention to promising and relevant areas of philological and pedagogical sciences; promote scientific exchange and cooperation between Uzbekistan and foreign philologists; present the results of scientific research and constructive ideas for the development of philological sciences, as well as innovative methods of teaching them, relevant to the Uzbek and international scientific community; acquaint readers with the latest trends and theories in the field of philological research, developed both in Uzbekistan, the CIS countries, and in the far abroad, and their practical application; publish the results of original scientific research on a wide range of topical philological problems of an interdisciplinary nature, revealing the interaction of language, culture, cognition and communication.

Journal topics:

The journal publishes articles reflecting the latest scientific views, significant results and achievements of fundamental and applied theoretical research in the field of philological sciences: language theory, comparative linguistics, cultural linguistics and psycholinguistics, cognitive and communicative linguistics, text linguistics, sociolinguistics, discourse and literary studies, linguodidactics.

In addition to scientific articles, a chronicle of scientific life is published, including reviews, scientific reviews, information about conferences, scientific projects, chronicles of meetings, symposia, conferences, seminars, etc.

The permanent headings of the journal are:


Thematic headings correspond to the nomenclature of scientific specialties for which scientific degrees are awarded.

The journal publishes original articles, as well as experimental studies, review articles and case reports covering various areas in the field of Philology and related specialties. Benefits to authors We also provide many author benefits, such as free PDFs, a liberal copyright policy, special offers on publications and much more.