Central Asian Journal of Pediatrics

Central Asian Journal of Pediatrics


Autism and autism spectrum disorders are one of the most common developmental disorders among young generation of our modern society today. The prevalence of this social disaster and autism-related conditions has been steadily growing. The main characteristic of this disease is a permanent deficit in social communication and social interaction. The research was conducted on children visiting the Reacenter Clinic. 27 children were involved to our study. The screening diagnostics was conducted on children using M-CHAT-R based on 20 questions, developed by Diana Robins, Deborah Fein, and Marianne Barton (2009), which is widely used to identify risk assessment of ASD. A survey of parents revealed a low risk level in 30% of children, medium risk in 45% of children, and high risk in 25% of children. Thus, the prevalence of medium and high risk of ASD was established among the examined 20 children according to the screening questionnaire M-CHAT-R (45 and 40%, respectively). An assessment with a suspicion of autism and autism spectrum disorder in 64% of cases revealed the answer "Yes" to the questions and in 36% of cases revealed the answer "No". The assessment allowed us to establish the risk of developing ASD in 30% of children with a low level of risk, in 45% of children an average level of risk, and in 25% of children a high level of risk.

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