Central Asian Journal of Pediatrics

Central Asian Journal of Pediatrics


Microelements (ME) are the one of the most important part of biologic active substaces like hormones, enzymes, proteins and others that participate in processes in the human body. In fact, many studies showed a clear links with metabolic disorders and urolithiasis in children. The study included the observation of 150 children from 3 to 14 years old with urolithiasis and complicated urinary tract infections. We analyzed two main variants of the course of the disease before and after surgical removal of calculi from the urinary tract against the background of the traditional and complex metabolic-dietary method of treatment, which was developed by the authors. The development of acute calculous pyelonephritis (CP) in children is closely connected with a sharp iron deficiency (compared to healthy children), cobalt, zinc, manganese, selenium, respectively. In this case, a significant increase in the amount of copper was observed. Carrying out intensive metabolite therapy (MT) for 18 days contributed to a noticeable increase in iron (compared with the data before treatment), manganese and a decreased in copper levels, while at the same time, normalization of cobalt (compared with the basic treatment data), zinc and selenium was observed. Metabolic disorders in ME is a one great trigger factor of abnormal metabolism of cellular biocenosis and the formation of kidney stones and urinary tract. Management of the metabolism of ME contained in the tissues of the body is possible with the help of the so-called claw compounds, which include natural complexing agents of amino acids, vitamins.

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