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Central Asian Journal of Pediatrics


Determining the condition of the intrauterine fetus is an important obstetric and social task. Despite the long-term use of the biophysical profile of the fetus, there are many opinions of its sensitivity and specificity in situations of intrauterine dysfunction. The parameters of BFP in light and severe pre-eclampsia were investigated; sensitivity and specificity of the parameters were studied. The sensitivity of determination of respiratory activity in cases of birth of newborns in serious condition was 86%, specificity 54%. The odds ratios between risk and outcome in the study of the effect of determining fetal respiratory activity revealed differences at 95% OR = 2 (DI 1,24-1,98) in severe preeclampsia. For motor activity - at 95% OR = 2 (DI 1,32- 1.76).

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