Central Asian Journal of Pediatrics

Central Asian Journal of Pediatrics


This article is based on the assessment of a comparative analysis of vaginal microbiocenosis in 129 pregnant women with premature rupture of amniotic fluid. The control group consisted of 30 women with physiological pregnancy, without any complications. We also studied the effect of vaginal dysbiosis on the development of septic complications in the postpartum period. Smears from the posterolateral vaginal wall were examined by real-time PCR. We used the reagents included in the Femoflor 16 kit manufactured by NPO DNA-Technology, Russia. As a result of the study, it was found that bacterial imbalance during premature rupture of amniotic fluid in pregnant women was established in 73.7% of cases, which is 7.3 times more often than during physiological pregnancy (p <0.001). Moreover, in women with septic complications in the postpartum period, dysbiosis was recorded more often. In the structure of anaerobic dysbiosis in women with premature rupture of amniotic fluid, the main role is played by Gardnerella vaginalis - Ureaplasma spp., Fungi of the genus Candida, Mobiluncus species, Atopobium vaginae. Aerobic dysbiosis was detected only in 9.3% of cases with the participation of Streptococcus spp., Mixed - in 7.0% of cases. Thus, the role of vaginal dysbiosis in premature rupture of amniotic fluid in pregnant women is confirmed. Based on the data obtained, we consider it necessary to study vaginal dysbiosis during the period of pregravid preparation.

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