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Central Asian Journal of Pediatrics


In the structure of allergic diseases, one of the first places belongs to bronchial asthma, in connection with which it has now become a serious medico - social problem that deserves further study in terms of an in-depth study of developmental mechanisms, as well as predisposing and causally significant factors. Bronchial asthma has a significant impact on the psyche of children and adolescents. The high frequency of asthma attacks with psychogenic provocation makes it necessary to identify the psych vegetative syndrome for the purpose of psychotherapeutic and pharmacological correction. Materials and Methods: The examination of children with bronchial asthma was carried out using the adapted modified children's and adolescent variants of the personality questionnaire of R. Kettel. Results: The influence of the disease on the structure of the personal characteristics of patients was revealed. Bronchial asthma changes the child's lifestyle, has a negative impact on the psychological state and the process of personality formation. It is possible to prevent the occurrence of negative social consequences of the disease, to smooth out their severity by providing psychological and pedagogical assistance to the child and his family from the moment the disease is detected and throughout all stages of treatment. Conclusion, the basis of the study was the creation and implementation of programs of psychological support for families raising children with bronchial asthma, at various stages of treatment are extremely important and represent a prospect for the study.

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