Central Asian Journal of Pediatrics

Central Asian Journal of Pediatrics


The results of treatment analisis of 124 patients with diabetes mellitus and pyo-inflammational diseases were presented. Ozonotherapy was used in 54 patients. In results the irrigaton of purulent wounds ozonizing furacilin solution on the base of salt have been decreased the microbial dissemination of wash liquid to 102 colony-forming units during 3-5 days, because it is high antibacterial and sorption and preventing microbe migration and toxins, warning the infection development in the wound depth; normalization of microcirculation and active proliferation of fibroblasts; activation of fibrillogenesis, which of intensified form of granulation, be increased to speed of wound contraction, epithilization and healing on the whole; decrease the terms of wound treatment and being in hospital more than 1.6 times.

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