Central Asian Journal of Pediatrics

Central Asian Journal of Pediatrics


Microscopic examination of 15 children aged 7 to 18 years with polyposis rhinosinusitis showed that the lining, the terms of ciliated, goblet, ka¸mchatyh cells, small cells with granules and basal cells, mycotic infection undergoes significant changes. More significant changes are observed in Lamina propria. Expressed manifestations of edema, increased microvessel lumen to the presence of pathological forms of erythrocytes - echinocytes, stomatocytes, red blood cells with a comb. Of microvessels dominated walled small veins and venules, which form complexes similar to the corpus cavernosum. Along with edema observed numerous dense clusters of cells infiltrate and diffuse distribution of connective tissue cells of the inflammatory infiltrate. Clusters of cells infiltrate frequently observed in the basal membrane of the epithelial lining. In such clusters is dominated by lymphocytes. It often has been a violation of the integrity of the basement membrane and connective output of inflammatory cells in the epithelial lining. Of connective tissue cells infiltrate diffusely ranging in Lamina propria dominated by plasma cells. In some areas Lamina propria located fin - alveolar glands. Their secretory acini formed cubical cells and ducts comprise a homogeneous material slaboeozinofilny - mucus. On the light-optical sections of children with rhinosinusitis polypous fungal elements defined clusters of fungi. They are represented mainly by intertwining strands of mycelium. With fluorescence microscopy sections stained with acridine orange, mycelial filaments give a red glow. Their greatest accumulation observed near the basal membrane of the epithelial lining.

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