Central Asian Journal of Pediatrics

Central Asian Journal of Pediatrics


The blockade of angiotensin II by specific antagonists in acute period of myocardial infraction reduces content of plasma biomarkers. The platelets playing key role in development of cardiac infraction and originated from megacariocites also can be subjected to the effect of selective blockers of AT I - receptor. The effect of Valsartan aggregation parameters and activity of platelet phospholipase A2 of patients with acute myocardial infraction was studied in the work. Platelet aggregation was studied by Botn technique using adenosinediphosphate as inductor of aggregation in concentration of 0,5 - 5 mcM with step in 0,5 mcM. Activity of phospholipase A2 was studied using Dole reagent and labeled 14C-phospholipids. The obtained data show that an acute myocardial infraction is followed by high values of platelet aggregation activity. Activity of platelet phospholipase A2 increase by the order and more in comparison with the values in donors normal platelets. Preferential hydrolysis of phosphatidylcholine is observed at comparison of two substrates L - 3 phosphatidylcholine and phosphatidylethanolamine. Early therapy by Valsartan (in dose of 80 mg/day) leads to normalization of platelet aggregative functions and to reduction of activity of platelet phospholipase A2.

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