Central Asian Journal of Pediatrics

Central Asian Journal of Pediatrics


Among the invalidity reasons of osterotros (ÎÀ) takes a leading place among other therapeutic diseases. Osterotros has multifactorial pathogenetic with many recognized risk factors, such as age, sex, hereditary predisposition, excess weight, mechanical and hormonal factors. Treatment ÎÀ remains till now a difficult and unresolved problem. The main objective of treatment ÎÀ consists in pain reduction, improvement of functional insufficiency of joints, restriction of progressing of disease and finally improvement of quality of life of patients. The method of treatment at the concrete patient should be developed with the account of weight and prevalence of articulate defeat, the general status of the patient and presence of accompanying diseases. It should be directed on the decision of following problems: progressing delay, pain and inflammation reduction, decrease in risk of aggravations and defeat of new joints; improvement of quality of life and prevention individualism. In article it is considered various approaches of treatment named pathologies.

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