Central Asian Journal of Pediatrics

Central Asian Journal of Pediatrics


Purpose of research. To identify the causes, to study the effectiveness of a differentiated approach to the management of pregnancy and childbirth in women with varicose veins. Material and methods. We have prospectively examined in terms 10-41 weeks of pregnancy, childbirth and the early postpartum period of 120 patients with varicose disease (VD), All surveyed pregnant women were divided into 3 groups: I group – the study group consisted of 75 pregnant women with varicose veins of the lower extremities (VVTLE).Comparison group II consisted of 45 patients with pelvic varicose veins (PVV).The control group consisted of 30 patients with uncomplicated pregnancy and childbirth. Results: the Probability of developing VD in women increases with each subsequent pregnancy: with the first 2.1 %, with the second 9.6% of women, with the third 36.7% and with the fourth 38.3% of women. Observations have shown that VD suffer more residents of the city-11%, while residents of the village suffer less-7.8 %. Varicose disease often develops at an early onset of sexual life, abortions, inflammatory diseases of the uterus and appendages, a short (up to 1 year) interval between pregnancies. Conclusion. From the anamnesis it was revealed that varicose disease was observed either in the mother or father, or in close relatives of both sexes which indicates a hereditary predisposition to varicose disease in patients with this pathology. During pregnancy, women with varicose veins were noted: the threat of abortion (the threat of premature birth) and chronic intrauterine fetal hypoxia - 2.5 times, chronic fetoplacental insufficiency. Pregnant women with CVI should be provided with joint supervision of obstetricians-gynecologists with phlebotomists (or vascular surgeons), which should be given birth and after birth in order to prevent the progression of this pathological condition and prevent thromboembolic complications.

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