Central Asian Journal of Pediatrics

Central Asian Journal of Pediatrics


The experimental study of 48 dogs method longitudinal elongation of the ureter by stretching it at full or partial obstruction to create an anastamosis with the bladder was installed that the first series of experiments led to the tensile elongation of the ureter on the average 52% (P<0,05). The second series of experiments under longitudinal tension partially abstructed ureter and eliminating the causes of tension led to the abstruction of the ureter elongation on average 49,1% (P<0,05). A thiral series of experiments has led to the tensile elongation of the ureter. On the average 54,9%(P<0,01). In the first end second series of experiments uretral contractile function recovered completely, in a thiral partial. On the basis of research results revealed that the method of longitudinal stretching of the ureter is an effictent way to perform reconstructive surgery, eliminates the problem of deficiency of its length and allows you to keep it functional anatomical consisdency.

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