Central Asian Journal of Pediatrics

Central Asian Journal of Pediatrics


An aim of research was to establish a type of heredity of primary glaucoma in both panmix and inbred population of patients. An analysis of 66 parents (33 families) served material of research. A method of Weinberg was used for an analysis of data. In conditions of inbreeding 18 families and 5 types of inbred marriages were studied and analyzed. As result of testing primary glaucoma (PG) in conditions of panmixia and inbreeding a lack of correspondence to any classic Mendel’s model has been found. Data obtained in borders of multifactor theory coincided with this type of heredity. All that gave a basis to consider PG as a heritable predisposed disease with a threshold effect, and an inbred index as one of the risk factors of arising PG if inbreeding is available.

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