Central Asian Journal of Pediatrics

Central Asian Journal of Pediatrics


In the present article results of research of 150 children at age range from 3 till 14 years with urolithic illness with the complicated infections urethral canals are stated. Two basic variants of a clinical course before and after operative removal concrements from urethral canals are analyzed with traditional and complex metabolites-dietary methods of treatment which last one is developed by authors. On the basis of the organized clinical-laboratory researches the conclusion is drawn that not only imbalance of microcells is at the heart of disorders of exchange processes. The inefficiency or high relapse of disease after the performed traditional therapy before operation is a consequence of insufficiency of the complex approach of correction not only macroergic components, but also in cellular exchange process at the given illness. The method of therapy offered by authors before operation results corrections of exchange process in an organism as a whole. At the heart of a method application is the so-called the tick connections of microcells which concern natural complex producers of amino acids, vitamins.

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