Central Asian Journal of Pediatrics

Central Asian Journal of Pediatrics


Objective: To study the features of the period of early adaptation in premature newborns at women with preeclampsia. Materials and methods.40 premature newborns were examined, which were divided into 2 groups: 20 premature newborns born at mothers with pre-eclampsia (group I - main), and 20 mature children at mothers without pre-eclampsia (group II - comparative), born in the same period . The analysis of obstetric history of mothers, newborns, the Apgar score, clinical, laboratory and instrumental studies were carried out. Results.High risk factors for perinatal pathology and maladaptation syndrome in premature infants are the presence of an obstetric history in women, as well as pre-eclampsia, placental insufficiency, birth asphyxia.

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