Central Asian Journal of Pediatrics

Central Asian Journal of Pediatrics


The article presents an anallysis of the lipid spectrum in chronic kidney diseases at various stages of the disease. The analysis was carried out among 67 patents with chronic pyelonephritis at the age of 20-65 years. The control group consisted of 20 patients without diseases of the urinary and cardiovascular system. As a result of the studies, the severity of the decrease in hemoglobin level was found to be directly proportional to the stage of the disease, which reflects violations of the erythropoietin-synthesizing function of the kidneys (renal anemia) and can serve as one of the initial signs of impaired renal function and an early prognostic sign of CKD. The study of the lipid spectrum in patients with CKD revealed a significant increase in the atherogenicity of the blood lipid spectrum, both due to cholesterol-containing and triglyceride-containing drugs, with more pronounced disorders in patents with stage 4 CKD. The revealed nature of hyperlipidemia in patents with stages 3 and 4 of CKD coincides with lipid shifts in patients with coronary artery disease, and justifies the possibility of accelerated development of atherosclerotic changes.

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