Central Asian Journal of Pediatrics

Central Asian Journal of Pediatrics


52 schoolchildren with HKG were examined. Children are divided into 2 groups. Group 1 - 25 children of primary school age 7-10 years prepubertal period. Group 2 - 27 young children of middle age from 11-14 years old, puberty. Group 2 - 27 young children of middle age from 11-14 years old, puberty. Periodontal soft tissue was evaluated by clinical tests of PMA, OLI, CiS, GI and PHP. An increase in the studied clinical tests was established with an increase in the age of children in the 2 study groups, that is, in the puberty period compared with group 1. An increase in the severity of the course of HCH with an increase in HCH in the 1st group in the prepubertal period occurs mainly in local form, and in the 2nd group at puberty, indicators of generalization of the nature of the disease progress. This is due to the onset of puberty and the hormonal changes in the body caused by them. Additionally, cytological studies of imprints of the gingival mucosa for the diagnosis of HCH were applied, a number of characteristic cytological changes were revealed. In the cytograms of the mucous membrane of the gums, a decrease in the percentage of nucleated epithelial cells, an increase in keratinized, non-nuclear cells was revealed. A sharp increase among epithelial cells of cytopathology and a shift in cytograms towards less mature epithelial cells. Therefore, using the cytological method, it is possible to assess the condition of periodontal soft tissues for early diagnosis of the initial signs of inflammation of marginal periodontal disease even before the manifestation of its clinical signs.

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