Central Asian Journal of Pediatrics

Central Asian Journal of Pediatrics


The aim of the study was to optimize the criteria for diagnosis of complicated forms of migraine, using the ID-migraine questionnaire and the MIDAS scale and to assess the psycho-emotional background of patients with complicated migraine. Material and method. The paper analyzes the clinical picture and the degree of efficiency of patients suffering from some forms of complicated migraine in the comparative aspect. The analysis used the ID-migraine questionnaire and the MIDAS scale, studied the mental status, severity of patients, the nature and localization of headaches. Mental status was investigated on Hamilton's scales of depression and anxiety. The prevalence of depressive and anxiety disorders in patients with complicated forms of migraine and the dependence of their severity on the presence of aura, intensity and duration of headaches have been proved. Determined the degree of reduction of operability and outside of hemicrania in various forms of complicated migraines. Based on the obtained clinical results, some criteria for differential diagnosis of complicated and uncomplicated forms of migraine are presented.

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