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The article analyzes the impact of migration on the social, political, cultural and economic factors of the country. The components of the country's migration policy were discussed. The theoretical basis of the study was the study of domestic and foreign scientists in the field of migration processes. As a methodology for analysis and synthesis, a common research methodology was used. The article is devoted to the origins of historical and modern stages of migration processes, the growth of migration in the era of globalization, as well as migration processes with various positive and negative changes. The migration policy of Uzbekistan, migration processes, positive migration, Uzbekistan as an integral part of global socio-economic and political processes, the globalization of the rights of migrants, the conditions created for them, their difficulties and global challenges are an active participant in migration. Our country stresses the need for global migration processes and trends, national and regional trends and cooperation between the International Organization for Migration and the government of Uzbekistan. The following factors can be cited as examples of positive developments in the expansion of external migration opportunities for our citizens: agreements signed with Japan, Germany, Malaysia, Switzerland, Poland and other developed countries of the world. Also, the focus is on adaptation centers established today in Tashkent and Surkhandarya regions for migrants. At the same time, reducing the percentage of migrations, increasing migration and geographical diversity, increasing positive migration, focusing on human capital, that is, the only way to promote positive migration is migration flow. Education concepts have been developed to provide advice and recommendations on how to improve education abroad, improve professional skills and the quality of the national education system, promote learning foreign languages, support comprehensive education and migration in education

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