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Today, using computer technologies in quality education and teaching is very beneficial. Everyone can teach subject not leaving the house by using computer and pedagogical programming tools which named e-learning. The experience of prestigious higher education institutions has shown that today's modern education is becoming more and more popular, and the main interests of prestigious higher education institutions are focused on distance learning. Particularly, in teaching oriental languages. This article includes the history of e-learning, the types of education, the types of popular e-learning systems and their analysis which named of Rosetta Stone, Lingualeo, Smart Notebook. Regulatory legal acts about teaching oriental languages, presidential orders and decrees, their actual expressions, distance learning and performance mechanism in using these pedagogical programming tools are analyzed in the article. Throughout the current globalization process, internet access and computer technologies are explained worldwide, with the opportunity to get a quality education at world-renowned universities without leaving home. Especially, to learn oriental languages without computers is impossible. This article is devoted to analyzing works of online language courses named Rosetta Stone, Lingualeo, Smart Notebook which everyone has used. There are things about regulatory legal acts, President Decrees and Orders and their using to learning oriental languages in Republic. The offers and conclusions about online language courses and their participation on learning oriental languages, their advantages and defects and practice them are given.

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