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The article deals with one of the important issues of modern language policy in Germany where the language and cultural integration of children from families of migrants and refugees are developed. Cultural integration will also be affected. Knowledge of German and possibilities of integration are in direct connection. In view of the migration crisis of 2015–2016, when about 1,139 million refugees arrived in Germany, this issue has become particularly relevant. A large number of refugees are also able to distort the real native German language. So the observations can be noted, that the indigenous Germans began to imitate their "brothers" from the Middle East. Young people in Germany, particularly Germans, tend to copy the accent of refugees, and the same refugees with great effort to copy the accent of the Germans. In addition to linguistic differences, there are differences in culture and religion. The specificity of cultures makes itself felt. The German government faces new problems affecting new spheres of life. The large influx of refugees undermines the country's economic, cultural and political stability. The main dissatisfaction is that the Germans increased the rate of income tax to provide refugees with all the necessary attributes for a comfortable stay in their country. At the same time, another problematic issue of the well-being of the Germans is the spread of the Islamic religion. Today in the information "ocean" there are many examples of how Islam is exposed under the wrong angle. This has a rather negative impact on the successful integration of refugees in new country. Language integration of adults and children who arrived in the country with their parents for permanent residence becomes a task of national scale. The concentration of attention in solving such disputes is explained by the fact that in a multinational country like Germany it is difficult to get along with several people at once. The article discusses the degree of effectiveness of solving the problem of language policy by the government of Germany in the post-crisis period.

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