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This article presents a new information about "Olimiya" treatise by scientist of Alimkhan ibn Musakhan Tashkandi, one of the Tashkent scientists who lived in the beginning of the 20th century. The manuscript and lithography and all the composition of this work were mentioned for the first time in this article. The article will undoubtedly contribute to enriching the knowledge about Islam. The single copy of manuscript of the work “Olimia” was found in the manuscript fund of the Academy of Oriental Studies named after Abu Reykhan Beruni of the Republic of Uzbekistan and was scientifically described in the article. The book was printed in 1903 in the "Ilyin" printing house of Tashkent city. It was known under the name “Olimia”, but in fact it's real name was “Fath ut-tajvid”. Information about the author of the work "Olimia" – Alimkhan ibn Musakhan has never occured. He noted that he had finished writing his own work in 1321, on the 5th day of the "Safar Month" by the "islamic calendar" and it consists of 190 "bayts". This number falls on the "Gregorian calendar" on March 31, 1903. This means that the author had finished writing the book and managed to publish it in the "Ilyin" printing house. The manuscript which is saving in the fund of the Institute of Oriental Studies was written later – in July 7, 1939. In this work, the methods and rules for correct reading of "Koran" are written in a special poetic form and investigated in a peculiar style. And the names of all the scientists of Tashkent who had read the book and wrote their reviews about it, given one by one. The names of these religion scientists open the way to the study the activities of local scientists and their scientific heritage. The next part of the work starts from 16 to 23 pages and it consists of questions and answers. And the fact that the manuscript begun with Arabic sentence, means that the author knew Arabic very well. The work “Olimia” is considered as a manuscript which contains reading methods, rules of "Koran". And its significant on the scientific study at the beginning of the twentieth century in Turkistan and regard to "Koran" readers and studies about it.

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